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The 6th Inductee to the Hall of Shame

For some unfathomable reason, the house Republicans responsible for the government shutdown seem to think of themselves as heroes. Apparently manufacturing crises in order to extort concessions from the other side is to be likened to the brave acts of some of history’s heroes.

At least that is what today’s inductee believes. I am speaking of Florida’s Tea Party member, Ted Yoho who had this to say of the government shutdown: “It only takes one with passion — look at Rosa Parks, Lech Walesa, Martin Luther King.”

Perhaps Mr.Yoho could explain how throwing 800,000 people out of work, harming the economy, weakening our security all while defying the will of the American people who have overwhelming expressed their desire to end this shutdown, compares to people who worked towards freedom and human rights.

I Think Mr. Yoho does have one thing right. It only takes a few idiots in congress to inflict pain on 300 million Americans. I would suggest he use more appropriate people to explain what he is doing. Men like Osama Binladen, Moammar Gadhafi or Al Capone. These were men skiiled at hostage taking and extortion. In other words, men skilled in Republican tactics.

For thinking you’re a hero, when really you’re a zero, I hereby induct Ted Yoho to the hall of shame. Yoho a former veterinarian turned rabid congressman will hopefully soon again be dealing with horses’ behinds instead of being one.

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