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The 3rd Member of the Hall of Shame

Today we have a superb candidate for the hall of shame. In just a few ineloquent words, he embodied what is wrong with this Republican led government shutdown.

I am speaking of a great public servant. A man who puts country above party. A humble self-effacing man. I’m speaking of none other than Howe, Indiana’s Marlin Stutzman. Congressman Stutzman very clearly explained the Republican’s strategy in regards to the shutdown: “We aren’t going to be disrespected. We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.”

So in other words, we took the hostages, now give us something and don’t you dare disrespect us. This kind of mentality shows how self serving Republican strategy has become. We can expect that every time a resolution is needed to fund the government, the Republicans are going to block it until we “give them something”. Never mind how much it hurts the country, the Republicans have made this type of extortion politics the hallmark of their way of governing. They are unable to accomplish anything thru legitimate legislative process, so every 6 months or so they use the opportunity to withhold funding to “get something”.

Mr. Stutzman, you are very wrong. You are disrespected. You are reviled, ridiculed, and scorned. By your own words, you admit you don’t even know what you hope to accomplish. Maybe before you throw 800,000 people out of work, hurt our country in a myriad of ways, maybe just maybe you might want to know why you are doing it. You sir, are a pathetic excuse for someone who is supposed to be a public servant.

For your disregard for your responsibilities as a US Congressman and just overall asininity, you are hereby inducted into my Hall of Shame. Congratulations on this badge of disrespect. You’ve certainly earned it.

Today’s Inductee to The Hall of Shame

I will be inducting a new member to my Hall of Shame daily as long as the government shutdown lasts. There is enough lunatics in congress that it will take more than a month to fill the hall. So let’s get started.

Today’s inductee is Representative John Culberson, who represents Houston, Texas.

When the republicans met to decide what to do about the continuing resolution to fund the government, this is how Culberson recounts the events: “The whole room [said]: ‘Let’s vote!’ I said, like 9/11, ‘Let’s roll!”

This shows how far removed from reality this man is. In his warped mind and inflated ego, shutting down the federal government, causing harm to our economy, our security, withholding needed government services to millions of Americans is the equivalent of the brave act of the passengers who thwarted the hijackers of one of the planes on 911.

I’m sorry Mr. Culberson but in this analogy, you are not one of those brave men who prevented the hijackers from flying yet another plane into a building (possibly the White House or Capital Building). No sir, in that analogy, you would be one of the terrorists. You are holding the nation hostage, because you have been unable to accomplish your goals thru legitimate democratic processes.

Shame on you for sullying the memory of those heroes by linking it to your act of extortion and blackmail. You sir are a disgrace to your office. I hope and pray that the voters in your district see you for the knucklehead you are and replace you with a public servant worthy of your office.

Congratulations on being the first inductee to my hall of shame. There were many candidates for that honor, but the quote above put you at the head of pack.

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