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The 9th Inductee to the Hall of Shame

Hopefully this Republican inflicted damage to our nation and economy will soon be over, but until that happy moment, I will continue inducting members to the hall of shame. Sadly it’s difficult to choose with so many deserving candidates.

Today’s worthy inductee is Republican congressman representing Clearwater, Texas, Steve Stockman. Stockman is one of the Republicans who decided the continuing resolution to fund the government must be used to defund Obamacare.

Speaking of his brilliant strategy, Stockman said, “Americans want Congress to do two things, work together on our national fiscal crisis and stop Obamacare. It’s time Congress started listening to them.”

I’m sorry Mr. Congressman, but you are the one not listening. Americans wanted two things from Congress, to keep the government open and to raise the debt ceiling. Your strategy to blackmail America isn’t working.

And working together on our national fiscal crisis? Hmmm, and the way to do that is by creating a huge totally unnecessary crisis, that is raising unemployment, shrinking the economy and decreasing tax revenues? I took a macroeconics course in university. I must have missed the lecture on how shrinking the economy shrinks the deficit.

You manufacturers of this and other crises love telling us what the American people want, even as you go about doing what we don’t want. Americans are fed up with having a circus in Congress every 6 months. We are tired of the politics of extortion that is now the Republican strategy of governing.

For causing needless, unwanted pain to our beloved country and for just being an overall bonehead, I hereby induct you, Steve Stockman into the Hall of Shame. I hope in the future you will start listening to what the American people want. It’s not so difficult really. All we want is an end to all this dysfunction and for members of Congress to do their jobs.

Today’s Inductee to The Hall of Shame

I will be inducting a new member to my Hall of Shame daily as long as the government shutdown lasts. There is enough lunatics in congress that it will take more than a month to fill the hall. So let’s get started.

Today’s inductee is Representative John Culberson, who represents Houston, Texas.

When the republicans met to decide what to do about the continuing resolution to fund the government, this is how Culberson recounts the events: “The whole room [said]: ‘Let’s vote!’ I said, like 9/11, ‘Let’s roll!”

This shows how far removed from reality this man is. In his warped mind and inflated ego, shutting down the federal government, causing harm to our economy, our security, withholding needed government services to millions of Americans is the equivalent of the brave act of the passengers who thwarted the hijackers of one of the planes on 911.

I’m sorry Mr. Culberson but in this analogy, you are not one of those brave men who prevented the hijackers from flying yet another plane into a building (possibly the White House or Capital Building). No sir, in that analogy, you would be one of the terrorists. You are holding the nation hostage, because you have been unable to accomplish your goals thru legitimate democratic processes.

Shame on you for sullying the memory of those heroes by linking it to your act of extortion and blackmail. You sir are a disgrace to your office. I hope and pray that the voters in your district see you for the knucklehead you are and replace you with a public servant worthy of your office.

Congratulations on being the first inductee to my hall of shame. There were many candidates for that honor, but the quote above put you at the head of pack.

If this isn’t pure malarkey, I don’t know what is!

“Republicans are eager to end the shutdown and move ahead with the fiscal and economic reforms that our country so urgently needs,” Senator John Cornyn said in the Republican weekly address on Saturday. “But we’re never going to make real progress without greater cooperation from our friends across the aisle.”

“The Democrats have calculated that by prolonging the shutdown, and maximizing the pain, they can bully Republicans into doing whatever President Obama and Majority Leader (Harry) Reid want them to do,” Cornyn said.

Cooperation? Bullying? Pardon me Mr. Senator, but I just have to ask, are you on crack? Your party is the one bullying and refusing to cooperate.

You’ve shutdown the government because you don’t like a law (The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare) which passed 4 years ago. A law that the highest court in the land declared constitutional after you challenged its constitutionality. Your presidential candidate ran on a platform of repealing the law and he lost. You had 40 votes in the house to try and delay its implementation and you lost those too.

After 4 years of trying to derail Obamacare and failing, you now resort to extortion and blackmail, and then have the utter audacity to accuse Obama and the Democrats of bullying.

The American people are simply sick and disgusted of having a manufactured fiscal crisis every 6 months led by Republicans. You have become the party of shutdown and obstruction. You spoke of cooperation. The country would love to see some of that from you. Then perhaps we might actually see the congress pass a single piece of major legislation. That’s something that has happened since the Republicans took control of the house. Maybe if you didn’t spend all your time trying to block something that is already law, you might actually get around to accomplishing something for the country.

So yes Senator, the country by an overwhelming majority, wishes for you and your party to stop bullying and start cooperating.

Democrats reveal strategy to end shutdown

On Friday Democrats in the House of Representatives revealed a new strategy for ending the government shutdown. It is believed that if a vote were to take place on a continuing resolution to fund the government without any amendments to Obamacare, enough Republicans would join the Democrats to pass the resolution and end the shutdown.

The problem is House Speaker John Boehner refuses to allow such a vote to take place. No vote, no resolution no end to the government shutdown. However there is a little used legislative maneuver which Democrats are hoping will solve the problem.

That maneuver is called a discharge position. A discharge position forces a bill stuck in committee to be sent to the floor for a vote. It requires the signatures of a majority of members of the house. This is why the strategy is little used. Usually members act along party lines, which makes obtaining the needed signatures difficult.

The Democrats believe in this case, they can get enough moderate Republicans to sign the petition and thus force a vote on the continuing resolution. George Miller ( D-California) believes the needed signatures can be obtained in a day, but with the procedural hurdles involved, the earliest a vote could take place on passing a funding bill would be October 14.

I for one hope this strategy works. Not only would it end the shutdown, but it would be wonderful to see a bi-partisan solution to the crisis. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen any bipartisan cooperation on anything. Maybe if John Boehner saw he was going to lose, he might even spare the country the additional suffering.

No Satisfaction

The US Congress now has a 17 per cent job approval rating. To put that in perspective, that’s lower than the lowest rating of any president in history. Even Richard Nixon had a higher approval rating (24 per cent) on the eve of his resignation. 

Why is congress’ approval rating so low? I believe Americans are completely fed up with this do nothing congress, who are unwilling or unable to put aside their partisan bickering and put the good of the country first. We’ve already seen congress wait till the last possible moment to avoid the fiscal cliff, only to see sequestration go into effect because bipartisan compromise is something this congress is incapable of.
The great Abraham Lincoln said it best when he stated,”A house divided against itself cannot stand.” People are sick of watching congress fiddle while the country burns. America faces great challenges and unless this congress learns the art of negotiation and compromise, those challenges will remain unmet. 
I for one am tired of hearing about red states and blue states. Aren’t we supposed to be The UNITED States? It’s long past time for politicians to stop pandering to their idealogical constituencies and start putting the country first. 
Congress is now in recess after a session of accomplishing virtually nothing. In September, we will again face the debt ceiling and in October, we face the start of a new fiscal year. Let’s hope the congress can manage to get thru these coming months without either a government shutdown or so much division that the US credit rating goes down another notch. 
Wake up congress! We put you in office to serve the good of our country and so far you’ve done nothing but let us down. 
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