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The Newest Inductee to my Hall of Shame

I thought I should be fair. Idiocy is not limited to one sex or one geographical area. Yesterday’s inductee was a male from the south. Today’s inductee is a northern female. None other than Congresswoman Michele Bachman, who represents Stillwater, Minnesota.

Still waters are said to run deep, unlike Ms. Bachman’s thinking or her commitment to the rule of law. Speaking of the government shutdown, she said, “This is about the happiest I’ve seen members in a long time because we’ve seen we’re starting to win this dialogue on a national level.”

So the Republicans lost in Obama’s first election. They lost in the vote which passed Obamacare. They lost in Obama’s re-election. They lost in the Supreme Court. They lost in the 40+ votes to stall or water down Obamacare. But now that they’ve managed to shutdown the government, they are absolutely giddy.

Nothing like hurting the economy, threatening our security, making it very difficult to conduct foreign policy, hurting farmers who cannot get their usual government reports, etc etc etc, ; nothing like that to make the Republicans happy. I guess if millions of uninsured Americans got health insurance, that would be a real bummer.

For reveling in the harm you are doing to our country, Michele Bachman is our second inductee to the Hall of Shame. I guess if you manage to cause the US government to default on its obligations and cause the world’s financial system to collapse, that would be pure ecstasy!

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