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Medical Marvel: Man gets drunk by eating

Talk about beer bellies! This guy’s belly is a distillery.

A 61 year old Texas man visited an emergency room at a local hospital complaining of dizziness. The doctors thought the man to be drunk and took a blood alcohol reading. The man wasn’t just drunk, he was smashed. His blood alcohol reading was 0.37 more than 5 times the legal limit for driving in Texas. And yet the man swore he hadn’t had a droo. Doctors figured the man was simply lying to mask a drinking problem.

Dr. Justin McCarthy and a nurse, Barbara Cordell decided to look into the case. They kept the man hospitalized for 24 hours and fed him a high carbohydrate diet. They found that even without ingesting any alcohol the man’s blood alcohol level still rose. In an article in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, McCarthy and Cordell wrote they believed the man had “Auto-Brewery Syndrome”. Basicly the man had an infection that caused a large amount of yeast in his stomach. Whenever he ate carbohydrates, the yeast would cause them to breakdown and ferment producing ethanol.They treated the man by giving him anti-fungal drugs and putting him on a low carb diet.

I wonder if this means teetotalers should refrain from eating pasta….

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