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This Web Series Truer to Original than Into Darkness

Yesterday I wrote about what I felt about the new Star Trek movie Into Darkness. I did some googling around and found something similiar, Star Trek Continues. It is a web series you can watch on you tube. It has the original crew (of course played by different characters). It is a lower budget, less action packed production than Into Darkness and yet I thought it was truer to the original. I watched episode one of the series and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

You can watch this episode here:

The new Star Trek movie left me feeling kind of blah

I saw the newest Star Trek movie, Into Darkness yesterday. I readily admit I’m a trekkie. When I was a boy, the original Star Trek tv series was on every night and I watched it daily. I’ve seen most of the movies and all the various tv series (but not all the episodes).

 I’ve enjoyed the various flavors of the star trek franchise. Speaking of Jeri Ryan’s portrayal of 7 of 9 in the series Star Trek Voyager, my brother-in-law once said,”If she’s 7 of 9, I’d really like to see what 9 of 9 looks like. ” 7 of 9 is a good example of what made the different star trek series interesting and fun to watch. They all had interesting, engaging characters that added something to the world of star trek and its many races and cultures. Each one had a different angle but maintained continuity with the world of star trek as a whole. Characters could appear in different series and fit in because of this continuity. 
Watching Into Darkness, things just didn’t feel right. Granted it is a herculean task to try and remake the characters from the original series. Over time each of those characters have become legends who the fans have a deep affection for. Into Darkness, the characters just felt wrong. Captain Kirk came off as some kind of reckless daredevil with very little depth to him. Spock I’m afraid came off as clueless most of the time. The original Spock may have shunned human emotion, but he understood those around them and why they were acting “illogical”. Scotty lost all of his charisma in his new incarnation. The only thing left of the old Scotty is his Scottish accent. I didn’t really find any of the new characters interesting or likable. Khan was really the only interesting character in the movie. 
Which leads me to the plot. The Wrath of Khan was probably the best of the movies featuring the original characters. I actually cried when Spock died. I always loved the old Vulcan, and his death scene was poignant. Kirk’s death scene in the new movie left me feeling cold. The whole time in the back of your mind, you have this feeling that this is just a rip off and not done as well. 
Trekkie as I am, I will no doubt go see the next movie in the series. Maybe the characters will grow on me. I do hope though that they use new story lines instead of rehashing the old ones. As I said earlier, the various star trek incarnations each added something new and interesting to star trek lore. If this new series is to have any value for star trek fans, it needs to show more creativity.  
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