The 5th Inductee of Hall of Shame

Today’s inductee to the Hall of shame is a man who does not understand the concept of having a mandate. In the 2012 elections, the Democrats won the presidency, added to their majority in the senate and gained seats in the house.

It used to be that in America elections mattered. In the distorted world of the Republicans, the losers call the shots and the winners must give in to the losers’ demands.

Today’s inductee is a loser. I am speaking of none other than former vice presidential candidate and Wisconsin Congressman, Paul Ryan.

Whoa Whoa Whoa, you say. Ryan is one of the good guys. In his op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, he offered a plan to in his words “end the stalemate”. The plan most noticeably made no mention of Obamacare and instead focused on entitlement and tax code reform. Ryan should be commended for pointing to a clear path out of the present impasse.

Such views ignore some important facts. Ryan is Chairman of the Budget Committee in the House. Isn’t passing a budget the primary responsibility of his position? As I said yesterday, the Republicans refused 18 times to go to conference with the senate so a budget could be passed.

I don’t know about you, but I’m awfully curious about how a budget chairman spends their time when there is no budget. I guess they spend their time on voting yes on bills to block Obamacare and working on budgets that they know will not pass the senate.

The truth of the matter is Ryan is one of the most powerful members of the house Republicans. He did nothing to prevent the current impasse. He has presidential aspirations but has the inability to even cross the aisle to pass a budget.

Sorry Mr. Ryan but you don’t get to ignore the Senate calls to go to conference on a budget all year, then wait until the government has been shutdown over a week to hop on your white charger and ride into the fray as the man to solve the crisis. And what are you offering? Oh just part of the platform you ran on as the vp candidate and lost. You would no doubt ask for the country to adopt your whole platform in exchange for doing your job if you thought you could get away with it.

Don’t be fooled by Ryan’s attempts to paint himself as a reasonable Republican searching for a way. Ryan is one of the chief architects of this manufactured crisis, whose sole purpose is to advance an agenda rejected in the 2012 elections. You want to be president some day Mr. Ryan? The first thing you need to learn is to respect the voice of the people. The loser of an election doesn’t get to set the agenda.

The fact of the matter is you are just another practitioner of the politics of extortion. You were given the opportunity to negotiate on the budget for months but the Republicans only want to negotiate when they have a gun pointed at the other guy’s head. You say you want entitlement reform. I would love to see you and the rest of your party to stop feeling they are entitled to get some concession from holding the country hostage. It is this Republican entitlement program that needs to be ended.

I would never vote for you for president, Mr.Ryan I will however vote for your induction into my Hall of Shame. Congratulations you may not possess the qualities that make a good president but you do have the perfect mix of ambition, demagoguery and deception that makes you a fit candidate for the Hall of Shame.

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