Today’s Truly Deserving Inductee To The Hall of Shame

Today’s Hoser (Hall of Shamer) is none other than the CEO of the House of Representatives. Yes, I am speaking of the Chief Extortionist Officer, John Boehner, the Speaker of the House.

This man shoulders more responsibility for the continuing government shutdown than any other. If he were simply to allow a vote on a clean resolution to fund the government, it would pass and the government would reopen. Unfortunately, Boehner won’t allow that. He’s taken the hostages and insists on being paid.

Boehner appeared last Sunday on ABC’s This week, insisting there were simply not enough votes
for a clean bill to pass. This is laughable coming from a man who allowed 40 votes on blocking, defunding ot delaying Obamacare. I think after the first few votes, he probably knew what the outcome would be the other 37 times, but that didn’t stop him.

Now with the nation looking to him to show some leadership, he refuses to allow just one vote on a clean resolution. Why is that? He knows that he would lose such a vote. Not only that, a vote would force members to go on record as being either for or against continuing the shutdown. The American people deserve to see how their own representative votes on such a measure. A vote means accountability and that is something many Republicans simply don’t have the stomach for.

Boehner has also continually blamed President Obama for refusing to negotiate. Boehner even went so far as to say, “Obama owns this government shutdown.” This is another laughable talking point. This is a kidnapper, who derides you for not paying his ransom.

As far as the unwillingness to negotjate, let’s look at the facts. Normally, the way a budget is passed is the house passes a budget, the senate passes a budget and the two chambers conference and negotiate to come up with one final version to send to the president. The Republicans refused 18 times to go to conference on the budget. Why did they do that?

The Republicans knew that if a budget were ever passed, they would lose the gun they like to hold to America’s head. Normal legislative process is not how the house Republicans operate. Instead they wait until a fiscal crisis gives them maximum leverage. I can imagine Boehner meeting with his party leadership. “OK boys, we got em over a barrel again, what do we want this time?”

The American people deserve better from our elected government officials. I would tell Boehner to enjoy the last 12 months of his gavel, because the 2014 elections are going to put an end to your reign of terror and close a very dark chapter in American history. But not to worry Mr. Speaker, your membership in my Hall of Shame will still remain.

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I am an American expat living in Tokyo, Japan. I love interacting with people so feel free to comment or ask questions. Thank you so much for dropping by!

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  1. Applause!! And the recent polls show the American public agrees! The Republican Party has the lowest approval rate ever, since polls were being kept. They have no clue about what the American public thinks or wants. They proved that in the last election, and with this strategy. I am sure we will see the results of this selfish blindness in the next election as well.


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