US Government Shutdown

The US government was partially shutdown on Tuesday after the divided US congress failed to reach a compromise on a spending bill to continue funding the government. Republicans opposed to Obamacare refused to pass the bill.
The Republicans want a 1 year delay in implementing Obamacare.

The practical effect of the shutdown is the closure of national parks, museums, many federal offices and government services. 700,000 federal employees have been furloughed without pay. Goldman Sachs estimates the shutdown could cut US growth by 0.9% in the current quarter. A CNN poll showed that 46% of Americans blamed the Republicans for the shutdown while 36% said Obama was to blame. 13% said both the Republicans and Obama were to blame.

Whether you are for or against Obamacare, shutting down the government is certainly not the solution. Obamacare is the law, if you don’t like it, you can campaign against it. You can ammend it. You can make it a main issue in coming elections and if enough American voters agree with you, you can repeal it. But refusing to fund the government is simply irresponsible and harmful. Holding the country hostage over one piece of legislation is just bad politics.

The shutdown will end eventually. They always do. It is simply a question of how much harm will be done to the country in the mean time. The bigger problem is the debt ceiling.

On October 17, The US government will hit the debt ceiling. Without legislation to raise the ceiling, the US treasury would be unable to borrow any further money, which could lead to a US default on its debt. Let’s hope the congress, especially the Republicans, put aside their bickering and pass a new limit. We’ve already had the first ever credit rating downgrade on US Treasury Bonds from a previous battle. It’s time to put partisan politics aside and stop shooting ourselves in the foot.

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  1. This is a very good sensible post, but we don’t have sensible people in the Congress right now. This is such a ridiculous situation! Obamacare is already a done deal. It was passed in the Congress, signed into law and approved by the Supreme Court. To hold the country hostage now is not going to change the law, all it is going to do is cost the government and overall economy a great deal of money and hurt a lot of people. Obamacare is not perfect. If some people don’t like it, they can propose ammendments to it, they can come up with a better plan and let that be legislated. That is what is the JOB of the people we have elected. It is their job to run the government and to come up with solutions that can be debated and decided in a democratic way. It is outrageous that a handful of people are holding the country hostage! They are hurting us all.

  2. I totally agree with you Pam. In the interest of civility, I kept my tone moderate, but I’m sick of having crises every 6 months every time funding comes up or the debt ceiling. The congress’s approval rating is at an all time low and this congress hasn’t passed a single piece of meaningful legislation. I hole this ends quickly and they raise the debt ceiling quickly as well. As you and I both said, if they don’t like Obamacare ammend it or propose something else. If you don’t have the votes to do that, tough cookies. That’s called democracy. Things are voted on. If you lose, you can try again. You can try and gain more seats. Just don’t hold the country hostage, because you don’t like a piece of legislation already enacted.

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