High levels of radiation found in new well at Fukushima plant

The Asahi Shimbun is reporting that high levels of radiation were found in a recently dug well on the seaward side of the plant between reactors 1 and 2. Radiation levels of 400,000 becquerels per liter were found in samples taken from the well Tepco reported on Friday. Contaminants found in the water included strontium.

Strontium is known for being carcinogenic. It tends to mimic calcium and is stored in the bones where it can lead to leukemia or bone cancer.

Readings of 900,000 becquerels per liter were detected in a different well in the same area on July 5.

These two incidents appear to indicate that highly radioactive water flowing thru the basements of the reactors and underground tunnels are escaping into the groundwater.

These findings belie Prime Minister Abe’s continued assurances that the situation is “under control” and effects of radioactive contamination are “perfectly blocked”. The truth of the matter appears that little or nothing has changed since the leakage of radioactive water was first disclosed back in July.

The public realizes this is a difficult problem to solve and may take time to do so. But the public also expects accurate information and assessment of the situation, not meaningless reassurances from Japan’s “Dishonest Abe”.

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  1. And what does Dishonest Abe have to say about these latest disclosures? Good job on continuing to expose the truth about the situation. If we make enough noise, then maybe something will finally be done!

  2. Okay okay . . . in a nutshell ! How worried should we be here if something goes wrong with the rod removal procedure? Living in the uk.

  3. If somehow the fuel rods in the spent fuel pool in reactor 4 were to ignite, you could have a radiation release of 14,000 times Hiroshima. With wind currents I believe the UK would get quite a bit of exposure as would the whole northern hemisphere.

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