Japan Agrees To French Help In Dealing With Fukushima

According to ABC News, Japan has made an agreement with France, accepting French help in the process of decommissioning and dismantling the Dai-Ichi Nuclear Plant in Fukushima. After 2 and a half years of refusing foreign assistance, this marks a change in Japanese policy.

The agreement was struck between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and French President Francois Hollande after they met on the sidelines of the United Nations meeting in New York. No details as to exactly how the French will help have yet to be disclosed. However France is a leader in nuclear power technology and certainly will bring expertise to the situation.

I believe this is welcome news. The Russians have said that any nuclear accident is an international not national problem. They have also offered to help but no agreement has yet been reached. I think with their experience in dealing with Chernobyl, Japan would be well served to bring the Russians on board. In any event, let’s hope that the agreement between Japan and France marks the start of international cooperation in finding solutions to the many challenges Fukushima poses. This situation affects the whole world and the brightest minds on the planet should be brought in to address it.

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  1. I am happy to hear this news! Lets hope that it will be the beginning of more international involvement. Japan has nothing to lose by bringing in experts, and the world has everything to lose if they don’t.

  2. I too am very pleased to learn that the international community is becoming involved. Since learning the true (and largely unreported in mainstream press) scale of the problem and the consequences of any slip-ups during the procedure of removing the rods, I have been feeling somewhat unsettled !

  3. Outside of the fact that Chernobyl is not in Russia, I think this is a good post. The main areas affected are in the Ukraine and Belarus.

  4. I realize Chernobyl is not in Russia, but as part of the former Soviet Union, there may still be many in Russia who dealt with Chernobyl. Also Russia has a large nuclear industry and would have expertise to offer.

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