Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s Meaningless Publicity Stunt

Last Thursday Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe donned a protective suit and toured the crippled Dai-Ichi Nuclear Plant in Fukushima. While touring the plant he asked Tepco to present him with a timeline for solving the problem of leaking radioactively contaminated water and suggested that all 6 reactors be eventually decommissioned.

There are 6 reactors at the plant. 1,2,3,and 4 have been heavily damaged but 5 and 6 are still in tact. Abe urged that 5 and 6 also be scrapped. Tepco responded that it would respond to Abe’s requests by the end of the year.

After finishing the tour, Mr. Abe then repeated reassurances that “effects from cintaminated water have been perfectly blocked within the bay.”

Is this the Japanese government taking a lead in solving the problems? Mr. Abe offered absolutely nothing new. All he did was order Tepco to come up with a timeline for solving the mess. The same Tepco that has botched the cleanup process from the beginning.

Abe’s tour of the plant was nothing but a publicity stunt designed to make people think he is actually doing something. In reality he demonstrated no leadership whatsoever and just passed the buck to Tepco which has demonstrated it is not up to job.

Mr. Abe, the Japanese government is ultimately responsible for the safety of its citizens and others worldwide affected by the situation in Fukushima. So tell us what is your plan for dealing with the contaminated water and what is your timetable for implementing a solution. No one was impressed by your publicity stunt. We want real solutions not photo ops.

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