September to be busy for Apple Computer

It appears that September is going to be a busy month for Apple computer. I posted an article below by Mark Gurman of 9 to 5 Mac detailing the rollout of a new IPhone trade in program by Apple. iPhone users will be able to go to their local Apple Store and trade their old iPhones for credit towards the purchase of a new iPhone.
This seems like a great marketing move by Apple. With competition in the smartphone arena heating up, the program will help ensure that current iPhone users continue as Apple customers. It should also boost sales of new iPhones as people decide to upgrade who maybe wouldn’t without the program.
The real question is, is this a good deal for the users. The credit towards a new iphone Apple is offering is certainly going to be less than what you get if you sold your old phone yourself by listing it on ebay. It all comes down to convenience. Trading in at an Apple Store is fast and saves the hassle of listing your old phone, perhaps negotiating with a buyer and shipping the phone. My advice would be doing some research before trading in your old phone. Search for your model (3,4,4S,5) on ebay and get an idea of the current market price and compare it with what Apple is offering you. If the difference is $100 or more, you might want to go the ebay route. $100 can buy quite a few apps and songs on itunes.
Apple is also expected to be introducing 2 new iPhone models in September, the 5S and the 5C. The 5C is rumored to be a lower end model of the iPhone in a plastic case.
I am currently using an iPhone 4S. (In fact this entire post was written along with many others on that very iPhone. ) I am anxious to see what the new 5S has to offer and whether the new trade in program will be offered in Japan.
Tell me what is on your wish list for the new 5S. Leave a comment below.

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