You are so rich and you don’t even know it!

You are far richer than you think. Most of us tend to think of rich people as the Bill Gates and Warren Buffets of this world. We never stop to consider just how fortunate we are. 

Imagine a typical summer afternoon. It’s a sweltering 90 degrees outside, but you’re sitting in your air conditioned home, watching a baseball game on your flat screen tv. You get up, go to the fridge and get out a nice cold frosty beer and grab a snack from the kitchen. Your wife has taken her car (not yours) to the mall to buy fall clothes for the kids before the new school year starts. She calls you on her cell phone and says she doesn’t feel like cooking and wonders if the family could go out to eat tonight….
I could go on, but just think of all the modern conveniences we take for granted. We have computers, air conditioning, tvs, stereos, cell phones, dishwashers, garbage disposals, refrigerators, automobiles, washing machines, dryers, hot water heaters, microwaves, and on and on. The richest man in the world a hundred years ago could not enjoy most of the things that today we take for granted. We live lives of ease, comfort and luxury, but are not satisfied because we don’t think of ourselves as rich. Solomon in all his glory never enjoyed such luxury. 
Ok you say, so you are just comparing the past with the present. Well since you are reading this, you must have internet access, that’s something 70% of the world lives without.  What about something more basic? 40% of the world’s population lacks indoor plumbing. More basic still: 1 in 8 or 852 million people in the world live in a state of chronic malnutrition. 
Many of us think of ourselves as struggling, because the money is a little tight or we cannot afford that new car we want or we didn’t get a raise this year. What if we had tens of millions more than we have now? We would probably have a bigger home. Maybe instead of 2 cars, we’d have 4 nicer ones and a yacht. Instead of the nice clothes we wear, we’d wear all designer labels tailo made, with a bit more jewelry. We’d trade our Timex for a Rolex. Instead of flying on airlines, we’d have our own private jet. We would eat at more expensive restaurants. In other words, we would add just a couple more luxuries and upgrade the many luxuries we already have. 
There is nothing wrong with ambition and wanting the finer things in life, but many of us have no idea how fortunate we are and how truly rich we are. Instead of dreaming of what life would be like “if we were rich”, we should be thankful for all that we enjoy. Your present life was unimagineable a mere 100 years ago and sadly for a great portion of the world’s population still is. You are rich!


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I am an American expat living in Tokyo, Japan. I love interacting with people so feel free to comment or ask questions. Thank you so much for dropping by!

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