Protect Yourself From the Plundering Masses

This is definitely a must have item for any survivalist. The Heracles Research Corporation of Spokane, Washington offers a wide variety of “bed bunkers”. Their website proudly asserts that their twin can hold 30 rifles, while their queen and king can hold 60 rifles. The website features a picture of a wife, husband and child sitting on a seemingly normal looking bed. The caption reads:

They are sitting on 500 gold coins, 2000 silver coins, 4 Rolex watches, 36 handguns, 27 rifles. 5000 rounds of ammunition, 2 weeks of emergency rations and $25,000 in cash. What are they worried about?
Absolutely Nothing

Well, that may be all well and good you say, but what if you are in the living room when your army of attackers come? Not to worry, Heracles has a brand new product to provide safety in that happenstance: the all new Couch Bunker. The Couch Bunker comes with optional bullet proof cushions, which the company claims can stop a bullet from a 44 magnum at point blank range.

Yes you say, but what if I’m out on the road when society collapses? Not to worry, the Console Bunker for your car can securely hold an M4 rifle and a hand grenade. And of course there is a Truck Bunker as well.

Those are some pretty impressive sounding products. But for me, I’ll settle for locking the door and trusting in God What have I got to worry about? Absolutely nothing.

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  1. “This is definitely a must have item for any survivalist. The Heracles Research Corporation of Spokane, Washington…”

    Damn, your link doesn’t work!


  2. Look at it this way. They are a small business working to help revive the economy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now that is patriotism!


    • They are certainly free to work at their business, and I can see the value in some of their wares as safes for valuables. I just don’t feel the need to stockpile an arsenal in my home.

      • “I just donโ€™t feel the need to stockpile an arsenal in my home.”

        I guess what constitutes an “arsenal” depends on where you live. I remember reading a funny story the other day, and would give you a link, but just can’t find it easily off hand. Basically the idea was that an “arsenal” in California would be considered a “moderate gun collection” in Alabama and a “beginning gun collection” in Texas – something like that – you get the idea.

        I agree though, there are people out there that probably are squirreling away a lot of stuff they probably won’t ever need. That is one of the reason’s 9mm ammunition is so damn hard to find today. Manufacturers are putting on third shifts and working 7 days a week trying to catch up with the demand.

        But you know, if a guy has 50 guns (or whatever number over 2 or 3) he still only has two hands, and generally I don’t find it practical to try to fire more than one gun at a time, so I just don’t see it as a big threat to civil society. Making those products, modifying them, or creating accessories creates jobs for someone.

        All I am saying is, yes there are people a little too worried, and its their bucks so why care too much?

        I found the original premise of this post pretty funny, knowing some of these folks. And yes, I am in Texas, and only have a “beginner’s gun collection” myself. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Oh…I so agree with you! It is prudent to take sensible precautious to protect what you care about,like locking the door, but as for me, I wouldn’t want to live my life being in constant fear of “what if”. What a horrible way to live!

    • That’s so true Pam. I flew to the States a few months after 911. Some asked me if I was worried about terrorists. I never let thoughts about what could happen prevent me from doing what I want. You are still more likely to be injured getting in a car than an airplane. You are only on this earth once, it’s a huge waste to have fear rule your life. Like you said, we should be prudent, but there’s a big difference between prudence and living in fear.

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