Japan’s Radiation Woes Far From Over

Sometimes things drop out of the mainstream news, as interest and concern wain. And yet the problem continues with little attention focused on it. That is exactly what is happening with the problems stemming from the nuclear accident in Fukushima,Japan following the March 11,2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The Japanese government recently admitted that 300 tons of highly radioactive water is leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the site every day. That means a total of 270,000 tons of radioactive water has flowed into the Pacific over the past 2 1/2 years, and is still continuing to flow unabated.

Japan’s closest neighbors, South Korea and China are hardly thrilled by the revelation. Here is an excerpt from an editorial in the Korean Times:

“It defies understanding how Japan has hid this regional, if not global, issue of environmental concern from its neighbors.”

Let’s hope the Japanese government shows more openness in the future in revealing just what is happening in Fukushima. The crisis in Fukushima is an ongoing one, and people both within and outside of Japan have a right to know the truth of what is happening there.

The Japanese have a proverb, “If something stinks, put a lid over it.” This may work in avoiding some disagreeable topics of conversation, but the same approach in regards to a problem of this magnitude is unacceptable. Also by sharing the true scope of the problem, Japan can seek the advice of the world’s experts to try and stem what is becoming a huge environmental disaster

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  1. varpu myllymaki

    You are so right about this! All the time since tsunami 3/11 I´ve been wondering why the Japanese authorities ( or Tepco) don´t do anything REAL about the radio-activity leakage! We sure know in Finland now, after some 25 years or so we started to get more and more cancers in Finland because of the Tsernobyl nuclear plant accident in 1986! Many people here have thyroid problems, and TOO many cancers! I´m just wondering what will be happening in Japan and its vicinity because of the radio-active constant leakage!? If I ´d have been in Japan at that time, I would have left the country as soon as possible! I´ve had my “share” of that stuff. And it seems that it´s worse than the Tshernobyl accident, because that one was going on only for a week ( a fire in the nuclear plant and the leakage), but this is still GOING ON!?? Itr can causemajor health issues in Japan, Korea etc. And when it´s leaking into to the Pacific Ocean, that dangerous pollution will circle around the whole world!!
    In this case Japan should openly ask help from the international community, and not be that proud anymore…

    • Very good points. Nuclear accidents often affect the entire region when they happen. I believe Japan has a moral if not legal obligation to keep countries in the area well informed. And I also agree they should be seeking all the assistance they can to fix the situation. Working mainly on their own for 2 1/2 years has not solved the numerous problems.

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