They Ruled Sunday Nights

When I was a kid, this was my favorite tv show. Every Sunday night I couldn’t wait to tune into The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. I actually owned a couple of their albums, and used to sit in the basement listening to the LPs on our old record player.There have been many comedy teams throughout tv and radio history, but the Smothers Brothers were one of a kind. Tommy Smothers played the guitar, while brother Dick played the acoustic Bass. They never finished a song due to Tommy’s constant shannanigans and it was just that tension that kept you glued to the tv screen. They would start a song, and you knew they would never finish it without some kind of interruption from Tommy.                                                          

the smothers brothers George Clooney Plans Film on The Smother's Brothers


The show aired from 1967-1970 on CBS. It was not just comedy however. The show featured many prominent musicians and acts including The Who, George Harrison, The Doors, Cream, and Jefferson Airplane. The Who’s appearance was tragic. Explosives had been loaded into Keith Moon’s drums as part of the act. Unfortunately too many explosives had been loaded causing injury to Moon when he was hit by cymbal shrapnel. Peter Townsends’s hair was singed and it has been said the incident contributed to his impaired hearing.


That was not the show’s only controversy. They constantly were battling with censors over suggestive language and political references, especially its anti-Vietnam War stance. Sadly, the censors eventually won and CBS fired the Brothers eventhough the show had already been picked up for another season.


The Brothers continue to perform in different venues, and even did a Reunion Show in 1988. You can see the opening minutes of that show and see of some of the Brothers’ comedy magic in this You Tube Video.

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