No Satisfaction

The US Congress now has a 17 per cent job approval rating. To put that in perspective, that’s lower than the lowest rating of any president in history. Even Richard Nixon had a higher approval rating (24 per cent) on the eve of his resignation. 

Why is congress’ approval rating so low? I believe Americans are completely fed up with this do nothing congress, who are unwilling or unable to put aside their partisan bickering and put the good of the country first. We’ve already seen congress wait till the last possible moment to avoid the fiscal cliff, only to see sequestration go into effect because bipartisan compromise is something this congress is incapable of.
The great Abraham Lincoln said it best when he stated,”A house divided against itself cannot stand.” People are sick of watching congress fiddle while the country burns. America faces great challenges and unless this congress learns the art of negotiation and compromise, those challenges will remain unmet. 
I for one am tired of hearing about red states and blue states. Aren’t we supposed to be The UNITED States? It’s long past time for politicians to stop pandering to their idealogical constituencies and start putting the country first. 
Congress is now in recess after a session of accomplishing virtually nothing. In September, we will again face the debt ceiling and in October, we face the start of a new fiscal year. Let’s hope the congress can manage to get thru these coming months without either a government shutdown or so much division that the US credit rating goes down another notch. 
Wake up congress! We put you in office to serve the good of our country and so far you’ve done nothing but let us down. 

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I am an American expat living in Tokyo, Japan. I love interacting with people so feel free to comment or ask questions. Thank you so much for dropping by!

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