Make The Voices Stop!!

Please I beg you make the voices stop! No, I’m not talking about the ones inside my head. I’ve grown use to those. As I said previously, I am an American living in Japan. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love Japan and its wonderful people.


But there is one thing in particular that drives me crazy. The Japanese have this thing for mechanical voices. They are EVERYWHERE. Let me give you some examples. I am in the train station. I’m laden with a large bag. I have my train card in one hand and an iphone in the other. I need to add some money to the card. I lay my bag down. I pull out the card and stick it in the machine and choose ¥5,000 yen. The machine now begins screeching at me over and over to insert my money. I wrestle to get out my wallet and stick in the required ¥5,000. Is it really necessary to repeat over and over again until i put it in? Ok now the money is in and the card is charged. Now the machine starts beeping at me and telling me not to forget my card and change. OK I pull ou the card and the machine says thank you. By this time, I just want it to shut up. But it then tells me to use the automatic gates to leave the station. So I flee towards the gates and away from the beeping screeching machines that are hastling the next victim. I go to the restroom. Another voice is repeating over and over the mens room is on the right, the womens room is on the left.  I finish my um business and head out the gate and get on the escalator. Another voice now tells me to grip the handrail and stand on the left. One department store I go to has an elevator which speaks in 4 languages, telling you over and over to hold the rail, do not run up or down the elevator and make sure children are accompanied by an adult.


But the very worst of all is the voices coming from trucks. Not all but some are equipped with a gizmo that beeps and says be careful I am turning right (left). It just repeats it over and over with the truck stopped in traffic. I can imagine how much fun it must be to drive one of those trucks!


I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I dont need to be warned, cajoled and instructed repeatedly everywhere I go So please someone make the voices stop!!

About unredundant

I am an American expat living in Tokyo, Japan. I love interacting with people so feel free to comment or ask questions. Thank you so much for dropping by!

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