Big Brother

One of the little things that irritates me is web sites and companies deciding things for me. I live in Japan, but I’m American. I can go to any computer in Japan and type or and immediately be taken to the Japanese version of their website. Why? If I wanted the Japanese version, I would have typed in the URL for it.  On youtube’s site, they set my preferences for Japan. I had to manually change them back. Or maybe I just want to check out some new product. I don’t necessarily want to order. I just want to look at the specs and features, but I’m whisked away to their Japanese site where I can barely read a thing.


Bottom line is I hate having websites making choices for me. Some will redirect you no matter how many times you type in the English URL. I am sure others have similiar experiences with websites choosing things for them. I wish all websites left us free to browse what we wish including displaying the URLs we typed./rant off.

About unredundant

I am an American expat living in Tokyo, Japan. I love interacting with people so feel free to comment or ask questions. Thank you so much for dropping by!

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